Auguste – End of Term 1 2012 Update!

Auguste is a settled and chatty member of Teacher Kathy’s class. He continues to be an interested learner who enjoys story telling sessions and listens attentively during story time. He shows good understanding of the stories read aloud in class and is able to relate simple passages from the story and explain them to others. Auguste raises his hand keenly to answer questions about the stories and shows good insight into how characters feel and act.

Auguste is now exploring a range of age appropriate books with more confidence and his knowledge of letter-sound connections is much improved.

Auguste’s numeracy skills are developing well and he is now able to consistently engage in one-to-one number correspondence, numerical sequencing, simple addition and subtraction activities with manipulatives and shows an increasing ability to match and sort according to size and shape. He has a developing understanding of the concepts of more/less and whole/half which we have introduced to him this term in class.

Auguste has developed good friendships with his classmates and enjoys playing with them. He is happy to do role-play activities with his friends and takes great pride in directing them to engage in different activities related to the theme. This verbal confidence is definitely enhancing his learning experience in class and we are happy to see that he is enjoying herself during the learning process.

Auguste has really enjoyed the Term 1 Themes of All About Me, Forging Friendships, & Countries & Cultures and has very much enjoyed the arts and crafts activities that we have engaged in as part of the learning process. Auguste takes pride in his work and works hard to achieve a good result.

We will really miss Auguste around here and would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the very best on his next learning adventure!

The Thinking Box Teaching Team :-)

**This will be Auguste’s last blog update from The Thinking Box. Please do take this opportunity to save any precious memories over the next week. This blog will not be accessible after 12pm on March 17 2012**


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