Feb 24 2012 Theme Update!

Accepting and understanding other cultures is something that everyone needs to learn. In order to help our children at The Thinking Box appreciate the differences in people and their traditions we have started a unit on “Countries and Cultures” and will be working on it for three weeks. Through variety of activities provided at The Thinking Box classroom children are going to explore different languages, clothing, music, food, plants, animals and special occasions in different countries all around the world.

This week we focused on countries in Asia. We discovered China, Japan, Korea and India mainly and discussed their people and lifestyle. We looked at many illustrations and photos of their types of buildings, arts and sports using variety of concepts books.

Our  class  tried on dragon and lion dance costumes during their pretend play to present China. They enjoyed making a paper fan in their creative art and craft time and loved using it in order to look like a cool traditional Japanese. Sushi making with (seaweed, rice & cucumber only), tasting Edamame (Japanese Beans) and Prata was every one´s favorite.

In addition the children were also introduced to continents and map of the world. They enjoyed creating landmarks and oceans using sponges and paint on their world map.

To make the children remember the continents, we have been reciting this song. Do ask them to sing this for you!

Tell me the continents (2),

If you can;

North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa

Don´t forget Australia

At Home

Please try a simple Asian food recipe like Chinese Fried Rice or any other dish together with your child and involve him/her in washing and preparing the ingredients. Let us know on what you cooked or provide us with few pictures so that we help your child to share this exciting experience with the class during next Monday’s Show and Tell.


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