Halloween 2011



October 29 2011

We spoke about the Halloween tradition in class during this week and learned more about this interesting tradition 🙂

What is Halloween?

Candy, fun, and horror.  All these things are elements of Halloween.  But, do you really know how Halloween came to be?    Halloween originated as an ancient roman tradition to worship the god, Pamona.  The ancient pagans worshipped Halloween by dressing up in costumes and lighting bonfires to attract creatures of the night.

The ancient Romans worshipped the fruit god Pomona on October 31st.  They offered gifts and ate a grand feast in honor of the god.  In return, they asked for a bountiful harvest and healthy crops.  Their depiction of Halloween included no demons, spirits, or evil creatures. 

 The ancient pagans believed Halloween was a day to fear.  Bonfires would be lit, masks would be worn to appease evil spirits, and great fear took over the populace.  The misconception was that the spirits that could not enter an afterlife would come back to roam the earth.  The spirits would then proceed to spread plague and famine across the land.

We had an interesting week learning about Halloween! Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂



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