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Gardens by the Bay

How beautiful is our Little Red Dot city… Last night, as lots of people did, hubby and I went out on a date and celebrated another Friday night in our amazing host city.


We went to Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. I had been dreaming of climbing up there and seeing a sunset on the horizon. Well I couldn’t get it all, it was Friday 13th after all… The sky was covered by a very thick and threatening layer of dark grey clouds and there was a wind blowing up a gale – which is particularly unusual in Singapore.

Instead of a sunset, we could enjoy the Queen Mary 2’s lights sparkling in the distance, the humongous ship was about to depart to Hong Kong…

Enjoy the view:

IMG_4575 IMG_4576 IMG_4578 IMG_4579 IMG_4580 IMG_4581


Valentine’s week

Aujourd’hui, c’est la Saint Valentin. A mon réveil, une maison totalement silencieuse, enfants et mari partis a la seance de rugby hebdomadaire… En d’autres mots, 120 minutes de silence devant moi! C’est un beau cadeau, merci mes chéris.

Me voila donc armée d’une bonne tasse de the, et prête a partager les highlights de ma semaine avec les internautes… Malgre moi, je ne peux m’empêcher de penser a cette interview que j’ai entendue a la radio hier au sujet de la perte graduelle mais assuree de nos informations digitales. Comment pourrons nous accéder a des fichiers contenant des données précieuses s’il n’existe plus de logiciels ou d’appareils pour les lire.

Alors, vite! Preservons notre mémoire, imprimons ces photos que nous partageons sans cesse sur les réseaux sociaux…

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Auguste – Feb 2 2012 Update!

We have had a fantastic week learning about how to be a good friend 🙂 We taught each other to smile, greet others, and comment. We smiled, said hello, and made a comment to at least three of our friends each day in class. We learned the art of polite questioning. Asking others polite questions about themselves is a great way for Auguste to learn about them and look for common interests for building friendships. Teach Auguste how having others talk about themselves is a good way for him to help others feel important and valued. We’ve had a great time making our friendship wreaths and hearts and look forward to more next week!  Great work Auguste 🙂

Auguste – Jan 27 2012 Update!


Jan 27 2012

This week the class continued working on the  “All about Me” topic.  We reinforced our learning about the body parts and their simple functions.  We learned that eating proper food is essential to good health and we eat food to stay healthy and well. Different types of food help our body in different ways. To stay healthy we need to eat a balanced mix of food. When we are hungry in between meals, we should choose a snack that has lots of goodness in it.

We also discussed different feelings and emotions and practiced making different faces.

With simple hands-on activities with food models, we offered opportunities to work on counting skills as well as colour and shape recognition Auguste enjoys activities to do with shapes and colours and participates in all activities readily. He especially enjoyed our playground activity where he had to jump on the coloured mats with different shapes and shout out their names! He is becoming more adept at paper and pencil tasks in class too and shows more interest in completing them independently.