gardens by the bay

Gardens by the Bay

How beautiful is our Little Red Dot city… Last night, as lots of people did, hubby and I went out on a date and celebrated another Friday night in our amazing host city.


We went to Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. I had been dreaming of climbing up there and seeing a sunset on the horizon. Well I couldn’t get it all, it was Friday 13th after all… The sky was covered by a very thick and threatening layer of dark grey clouds and there was a wind blowing up a gale – which is particularly unusual in Singapore.

Instead of a sunset, we could enjoy the Queen Mary 2’s lights sparkling in the distance, the humongous ship was about to depart to Hong Kong…

Enjoy the view:

IMG_4575 IMG_4576 IMG_4578 IMG_4579 IMG_4580 IMG_4581